Robin urges Hodson to leave Chelsea


Bayern Munich striker Aren Rubin has urged Englishman Calum Hodson Oduy to leave Chelsea during the current winter transfer period.

Bayern Munich made a bid for Chelsea to sign Kalom but the English club refused to leave the player, however, the German team continues to seek to convince the young player.

"Kalom is one of the best players in Europe," said Robin of the 18-year-old. "It's better to get his chance."

"Young players are always looking for the best at the time. Kaloum has become a professional player. He has to take the opportunity and take a big step to do that."

"Staying there is difficult, Kalom will play game after game and season after season to prove himself, but he will not be happy," he said.

Reports have reported that Chelsea will doubt Bayern Munich for the International Federation because of their illegal negotiations with Calum Hodson, although the English club refused to leave.

Hodson made his debut for the first time in a row when coach Mauricio Sari gave him a chance at Nottingham Forest and Tottenham in the League Cup and UEFA Cup respectively.

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