Reports: Detecting a new state of Netflix addiction!


Since Netflix has decided to move out of the US market to the global market, the company has been a major global success in its competence, which is the e-leisure market, but this has also caused the addiction of a large number of users to this service.

The latest cases that the international media have been interested in over the past few hours have been published in India’s famous newspaper India Times from the registration of this country or the case of treatment of an Indian citizen of addiction to follow-up service Netflix, where the newspaper pointed out that the Indian, who is 26 years of Without work.

The Indian man spent many hours over the past six months on the platform watching Netflix to escape from his deplorable reality, and with time it developed into a total addiction to the Netflix platform, which required his transfer to treatment at the center “Service for Healthy Use of Technology “Of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore.

This situation highlights a serious problem in the technique of addiction.


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