Report: Venecius threatens the future of Gareth Bell in Real Madrid

Gareth Bell and Vincius

MADRID (Reuters) – Real Madrid midfielder Vincius Jr. is threatening the future of Gareth Bell with the Royal Club, according to a Spanish report.

The Brazilian during the last two games with Real Madrid stunned the masses, according to what was described in the newspaper "sport" Spanish, after he was able to start basic after the coach convinced.

The Spanish newspaper confirmed that Solari is now very confident in the potential of the young player and believes that he will add much to Real Madrid in the future.

One of Venus's goals is to get the number 11, which is worn by the Welshman, but it is possible that Junior will get everything instead of Yep, the confidence of the fans and his place on the pitch, and perhaps his future number, after being ousted from the Royal Club.

Gareth Bell was linked to the departure of Real Madrid next summer, under the concerns of Manchester United, and did not provide what the fans expected after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 18-year-old, who has a strong personality despite his young age, is not influenced by the public's criticism of the team.

In a matter of minutes, Jr. had more confidence than Gareth Bell, although the latter had impressive goals in major league matches.

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