Reasons why men do not want to practice intimacy

Reasons why men do not want to practice intimacy

One of the most troublesome problems faced by a large number of women is the reluctance of the husband to practice intimacy.

This problem has nothing to do with male erectile dysfunction, but a lack of desire and a lack of intimacy towards his wife, which the wife feels is not desirable and this distresses her strongly. But do not worry, Madam, you should know about your husband and what affects him and what raises him. You may give the order more than its size without knowing the real reasons behind the husband's departure from you or not to engage in intercourse with you. And through this article will make it easier for you, and we remind you of some reasons and factors that make the husband does not want to exercise intimacy, and what is the solution to that problem? Just follow us Madam.

psychological reasons

One of the most important reasons why a husband loses the desire to practice intimacy with his wife is due to psychological pressures that are not possible. Your husband may suffer from some of the stress and severe mental disorders that make him in another world away from you. These stressors are associated with problems with his work, with his family or friends, or anything else that has nothing to do with you. When the mood of the man is bad, it negatively affects his sexual life, and make him lacking in desire and lack of sexual excitement to practice intercourse with his wife. In this case the husband must take a warm bath, with a massage natural oils that help his body to relax and calm the nerves significantly.

Chronic organic diseases

One of the main reasons for the husband's lack of desire to have sexual intercourse with his wife is his suffering from any chronic organic diseases such as diabetes, stress disease, or even heart disease, or a problem with thyroid activity. When men take drugs for these diseases, they negatively affect men's sexual health and make them lose their ability to have sex, in addition to the fact that these drugs cause men to lose pleasure and sexual excitement towards the wife. Therefore, any man suffering from any chronic disease, especially sugar and pressure, it must follow well rates of sugar and pressure, and ask to consult with the doctor to change those drugs, because they cause the weakness of erection. Also, people who suffer from obesity and overweight, their sexual health may be greatly affected. Therefore, dietary diet systems must be followed to eliminate this excess weight that hinders his pleasure during intercourse.

Neglect of women's personal hygiene

This may be a bit out of your mind, but it has a big impact on the intimate relationship between you and your husband, a lack of personal hygiene. Your lack of interest in the vaginal cleanness of the vagina with continuous secretions is one of the reasons why the husband does not feel the desire to exercise intimacy with you, because of the smell of vaginal odor due to vaginal discharge. Also, the lack of interest in the cleanliness of your chest and the resurgence of bad odors from the mouth and teeth are among the most prominent reasons for the husband's reluctance to practice intercourse. This is because the sense of smell plays a very large role in promoting the desire and sexual arousal of the husband and leave a great impact on his psyche. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to clean your clothes and clean your body and mouth and wash your teeth constantly, taking care to make your body smells wonderful aromas and aromatic oils charming. If you have severe vaginal discharge, you should treat it immediately.

Husband suffering with insomnia

The problem of insomnia and sleep disorders is one of the main problems that cause the husband a defect in sexual health and the inability to exercise intimacy properly and in a natural way enjoyable. This is because there is a strong correlation between the suffering of men with sleep disorders and insomnia, and the loss of desire to exercise intimacy with his wife. Fatigue, exhaustion and suffering from sleep disturbances or sleep apnea may result in the husband's unwillingness to exercise intimacy.

Ignorance of the wife to the ways to provoke her husband

One of the important reasons that are key in the lack of desire to perform sexual husband is the ignorance of the wife and the lack of awareness of ways to raise the husband sexually. There are some couples who ask their wives some of the movements or sexual things that raise them, and the reaction of the wife is rejection or mockery at the request of the husband, or there is a sense of shame and embarrassment. Which makes the husband feel alienated and away from the lack of interest in the practice of intimacy and feel very angry at the time. So, you have to give up the lady of the wife about the feelings of embarrassment and shame from your husband, and know the world of sex at the other end so make the husband longs for you badly.


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