«Raspberry Bay 3A Plus» … a small version of popular computers

The main goal of Raspberry Bay is to offer "computerization at the cheapest prices" available to all people. For this reason, the company has recently introduced a new $ 25 shareware, which includes many of the key features of its most advanced computer, which is priced at $ 35.
The new version, called Raspberry Pi 3 Model A +, uses the 1.4 GHz Quadcom processor, available in the advanced B + version. It also comes with the same Bluetooth 4.2 support as well as Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connectivity, making it easy to use wherever connectivity is available.
Wi-Fi is one of the best features of the new device, according to the experts at the Virgin Web site.
But the 10 dollars that you will buy in the new computer will not be without compromises. The Raspberry Bay 3 A + lacks an Ethernet connection (you are forced to use Wi-Fi), but RAM is 512 MB instead of 1 GB , And includes the port «USP. 2.0 »One for four.
This is the same formula used by Raspberry Bay last time the A + model was introduced with reduced features in 2014. But the difference between the new A + model and its more powerful is that the previous A + models lacked Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, I.e. they were not equipped with a mobile option to connect to the Internet. The new Bai A + comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to navigate wherever you want.
"The B3 A + is far more expensive than the cheaper Raysby Bay, known as the Bay Zero, for $ 5, but the first offers you more power, connectivity and expandability.
If you want to buy a large number of them for a school, a project or a product, the ten dollars that you will make on each device will make a big difference.

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