Quick and effective ways to increase hair density at home

Today's Arabs - Quick and Effective Ways to Increase Hair Density at Home

Many women and girls intend to change the appearance of their hair and increase their density, but sometimes they may not have time to do so, especially on working days or university days, or they may suffer from overcrowding in these centers, and decide not to wait. Quick ways and effective ideas to change the appearance of your hair and increase the intensity and you in your home.

– Special brush to increase hair size

A special brush that increases the volume of hair, a long toothbrush, reaches the roots of the hair, in addition to a slightly tapered tooth. We recommend that you use it on all the hair follicles after the hairdresser lift it up, and then leave it to descend on its own, to get heavy hair.

– Increase the volume of hair in the classic way

This method will only take you 10 minutes, and you will get applied after the hair is radiant, attractive and dense. All you have to do is use the end of the pointed brush to divide your hair into sections, then hold each section separately, with your fingertips rub it to increase its density, especially the upper section so that your hair appears thick from the front, then place the hair fixer on it to hold it as long as possible.

– Increase its density in the natural way

Make masks of natural oils once a week to get thick, attractive and beautiful hair. Only mix 50 ml of: Sidr oil, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil, with 3 cups of ace paper and 2 cups of sesame leaves. Put the mixture on low heat, then put it on your hair for at least two hours.

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