Qatar maintains the chairmanship of the Gulf Football Federation

Qatar maintains the chairmanship of the Gulf Football Federation

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Thani was elected President of the Arab Gulf Cup Federation for a new two-year term during the AGM.

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Arab Gulf Cup was held Thursday evening at the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha. Jassem Al Shakaily, President of the Omani Football Federation, was elected as Vice President of the Federation in the presence of representatives of the following countries: Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Sultanate of Oman and Yemen. , While representatives of the Unions of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain were absent.

The Secretary-General of the Arab Gulf Cup Federation, Jassem Al-Rumaihi, said during a press conference after the end of the AGM, that the State of Qatar will host the Gulf championship, the most prominent at the level of teams, noting that "Gulf (24) will be held with the participation of five teams of the league system of one role , Even if the countries of the siege of Qatar refused to participate in the tournament because the statute allows it.

Qatar was due to host the previous Gulf Cup (Gulf 23), but it waived its right to organize the tournament for the State of Kuwait in celebration of the decision of the International Federation of the game (FIFA) to lift the international suspension that was imposed on Kuwaiti football, in December 2017 .

The match allowed the Saudi, UAE and Bahrain teams to compete in the regional championship, which was crowned the red crown of Oman for the Gulf title, for the second time in its history, after beating his UAE counterpart on penalties.

The Kuwaiti Blue holds the record in the number of times the Gulf Championship won 10 titles, compared to 3 for each of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Iraq, while Oman and the UAE crowned the title on two occasions.

The Gulf Cup is held once every two years in the Gulf States, and the first edition was held in 1970 in Bahrain.

Source: "al-sharq"


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