Pyongyang appeals to Washington to change its "hostile policy"

Pyongyang appeals to Washington to change its "hostile policy"

North Korea's official media have called on Washington to abandon its "hostile policy" toward Pyongyang, warning that the continuation of this approach will make the agreements between the two countries a "dead letter".

"The arrogant and individual American policy will never succeed with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which appreciates sovereignty," the Korean news agency said in a statement on Tuesday.

The joint statement signed by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at their summit in Singapore, pledging to work on a new relationship, is "at risk of becoming a dead letter because the United States ignores its implementation," the agency warned.

"The time has come for the United States to abandon its hostile policy towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea."

Pyongyang's comments came amid a stalemate on the Korean peninsula following the failure of the second summit between Kim and Trump in Hanoi last February, when Trump's demands for North Korea's abandonment of its nuclear program collided with Kim's demands to ease sanctions on his country.

South Korean President Mon Jijan on Tuesday expressed confidence that inter-Korean talks and discussions between North Korea and the United States would resume soon.

Trump said last week that he was looking forward to meeting Kim at the right time, while the State Department said yesterday that Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo would attend the G20 summit in Japan this month, then visit South Korea to meet Moon and coordinate efforts to verifiably disarm North Korea from him.

Source: Reuters


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