Punish employees of Huawei and reason .. Abon!

Punish employees of Huawei and reason .. Abon!

Over the past few days, Huawei has been reported to have been punished for a number of its employees because of a movement deemed offensive to the image of the Chinese company.

One of Huawei's accounts on the social networking website Twitter, which was launched on the night of last year's New Year, is a glee to celebrate the occasion, but it is ironic that the e-mail was written from iPhone, Huawei's fierce rival and enemy.

Huawei moved quickly and according to Reuters has been punished two employees working in the agency of accounts management on social networking sites called Sapient, and sources pointed out that the error was due to the lack of VPN technology to access the blocked site in China, which called on the task officer to use An iPhone with an international subscription to send the tweet.

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