Protests in New York against the racism of the American regime

Protests in New York against the racism of the American regime

Hundreds of people demonstrated in the streets of New York to protest against a racist decision by the US Justice Department to acquit a white policeman of the crime of strangling an unarmed black man in 2014.

The protesters poured out their anger at New York Mayor Bill de Palacio, who refused to sack the officer, Daniel Pantaleo, in the five years since Eric Garner's death.

De Palacio said he was surprised that the Justice Ministry did not direct its accusations against the policeman and that he regretted postponing disciplinary action against the officer for years at the request of the Justice Ministry.

Officer Pantalio has been carrying out desktop work ever since he was spotted in mobile footage of a passerby by strangling Garner and throwing him out on July 17, 2014. The victim's voice was heard in the video and he said "I can not breathe" at least eleven times before he dies.

The death of Garner, 43, who police initially suspected of selling cigarettes illegally, sparked a wave of anger across the country and helped create the Black Life Matter or Black Life.

Ministry of Justice officials said the ministry's reluctance to indict Bantaleo, saying they could not definitively determine whether he had committed a deliberate breach, must be confirmed to prove that he violated the civil rights of Garner.

Source: Reuters


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