Products you can get for free from Amazon !!

Amazon shopping is one of the most interesting things about the Internet. But did you know that you can get real free products through it? That's right! To find out what you can get without paying one penny through the Amazon site, read the article.

Products you can get for free via the Amazon site !!

Free samples of cosmetics and nutrition


If you're looking for the best cream, hair product or protein supplement, you'll want to know about a semi-secret club for Amazon Prime members who want to try the best new products for free.

You can learn more about the club and its registration through their Sample Box program. When ordering, it will cost you a few dollars, but you will refund it when the shipment is completed.

Download free bestsellers for Kindle users

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If you have Kindle Amazon you will be happy to know that you can download countless books for free. You can check the free menu from here.

Get $ 10 credit when using Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash is very similar to a shopping assistant system that is already loaded on your phone. Once you have downloaded the software and registered it, you will receive $ 10 free of charge for your membership.

Download many applications and TV channels for free

Free applications

Amazon will allow you to download free games and TV apps to watch your favorite episodes on networks like Cartoon Network, Freeform, Lifetime, and much more.

Complimentary toiletries

kids Accessories

If you are waiting for a new child in your family, you will need to register for Amazon's Baby. Once you join, you will be able to ship a welcome box filled with essential items for newborns, provided that your friends and family purchase products through the application for at least $ 10.

Try Amazon Prime for free!

Amazon Prime

If you do not want to spend one penny on the free stuff in the list above, you can try Amazon Prime, which will be a 30-day trial since downloading it to experience everything it offers and its amazing services.

Charity donation funds


Amazon also sponsors charities by sending free shipping cards to help you donate new or used items for charity.

Grant free cloud storage space

Cloud storage

It is not a requirement to be a long-time or popular subscriber until you have free cloud storage space. You have to be a subscriber and have a basic login membership to get 5 GB of free cloud storage.

Download free music clips

Free music

Did you know that Amazon offers you a long list of free mp3 addresses to download. You can download popular and less famous clips to be ready to listen to you.

Get Audible membership free

Audio book

If you're a fan of audio books, you'll be happy to know that Amazon is giving you 30 days of free membership in Audible, provided you are a member of Amazon Prime. You will be able to hear the latest books while driving, exercising, or doing anything else.

Students can benefit from more offers

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<p>If you have a student email address or any edu address, you can sign up for free for six months at Amazon Prime Student without any small fees or vouchers. It will give you free shipping for many educational products and get great discounts on many products. You can cancel membership at any time you wish, and you can renew it after the free period for only $ 5 per month.</p>
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