Prince of Monaco inaugurates an exhibition of photographs in Moscow

Prince of Monaco inaugurates an exhibition of photographs in Moscow

The Prince of Monaco, Albert II, and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodits took part in the opening ceremony of a photo exhibition in Monaco by Olivier Jod, a resident of Monaco.

The exhibition, a special project by Olivier Jude, was held in underwater photography under the auspices of the cultural foundation "Yekaterina".

The exhibition continues to mimic the cultural exchanges and artistic projects of artists in Russia and Monaco.

Olga Golodits, speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, recalled that relations between Russia and Monaco have a long history of 140 years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Prince of Monaco, Albert II, had already held talks in the Kremlin in 2016, and then launched the exhibition "Beta Romanov and Grimaldi, 3 centuries of history" at the Tretyakov Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

The exhibition, Olivier God, includes photographs of photographs in the Indian Ocean, Red and Mediterranean, as well as in Monaco.

Source: TASS


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