Prince Charles reveals his remorse for the association with Diana

The Arabs Today - Prince Charles reveals his remorse for the association with Diana

Despite her 21-year absence in a tragic accident, Princess Diana's memory still captures hearts and minds, after a shocking incident that stirred the grief of Britain and the world at large.

Princess of Hearts As the world knew, she left in August 1997 with a car accident in a Parisian tunnel, and the secrets and details of her life remained of interest to everyone.

Weeks ago, the comments of a well-known British doctor who performed autopsy on the body after the incident were of interest to many, saying that Diana would have survived death in the car accident if only she had tied the seat belt in the car while sitting in the back seat, but unfortunately she did not.

Prince Charles reveals his remorse for the association with Diana

Before him, a French rescue man revealed her last words, after the incident in an interview with the British newspaper "Sun".

The sergeant in the French ambulance, Xavier Gormelon, that Diana was seriously injured, and heard her then say: "My God, what happened?"

Gormelon said he was confident the British princess would survive the horrific incident and said: "I found that she had minor injuries to her right shoulder, and without that, there was nothing important.

Several observations and memories appear to be related to the death, but came from individuals who saw Diana, or her body for minutes.

Prince Charles reveals his remorse for the association with Diana

But it seems very different from this woman, as the new secrets came from Princess of Hearts from her former husband, Crown Prince of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles.

The subject is the thorny relationship that linked the two, until the official separation and its emotional attachment to Dodi Al Fayed, who was killed along with the famous incident.

For the first time since her death, Prince Charles deeply regrets the decision to marry Diana at an unforgettable wedding in 1981.

The Prince, in a new autobiography, considered the step of engagement with Diana a grave mistake. He said that he allowed himself, our children and the royal family to become involved in a problem, having completed that dubious marriage from the outset and was doomed to failure, which led him at times to weep with tears.

A few meetings before the wedding

The provocative confessions The Daily Mail quoted journalist Robert Jobson, who spent 18 months accompanying Prince Charles on his official tours, to write his book, which will undoubtedly spark storms of controversy.

The British Crown Prince, 69, made Diana's speech in February 1981, but the latter handled it from the very first moment as a call for an official mission, the paper said.

The couple spent 16 years together, amid differences that eventually widened before the official divorce in August 1996, just a year before Diana's tragic departure.

According to Gibson, the alarm bells rang through Charles' head during the few meetings Diana had assembled before the wedding.

At that time, according to the Daily Mail, Diana sometimes burst into tears and stared at him without a specific expression when he told her what he had done during his day.

The young prince then realized that he had made a big mistake. He discovered that Diana was experiencing "disturbing and irrational mood swings that are difficult to deal with."

He also told his friends: "During 1981, I strongly wanted the wedding to end, when I realized the enormity of what I was going to tell later. I had no chance of getting to know Diana before."

But in spite of his doubts, Charles went on a formal relationship that brought him to a wedding ceremony marked by the twentieth century, followed by 750 million people before the situation deteriorated tragically.

The decision to marry and insist on it was the Prince's regret for this day, according to Jobson, who collected his information from lengthy conversations with the Prince, and close to him, and other sources.

It is noteworthy that the late Princess did not hide also that she had doubts about the possibility of the success of the relationship, especially that she did not meet Charles only 12 times before the wedding.


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