Prime Minister of Morocco: 400 dirhams in salaries better than none

Prime Minister of Morocco: 400 dirhams in salaries better than none

Moroccan Prime Minister Saad Eddin Othmani, in response to critics of the "Hazaala" public increase in wages for public servants, said that "an increase of 400 dirhams for this category is better than Walo" (nothing).

The recent social agreement in Morocco approved an increase of a net monthly amount of AED 400 for workers in Level 6 of the Class 10 and above, paid on the basis of AED 200 as of 1 May 2019, AED 100 as of January 2020 and AED 100 as of January 2021, While 500 dirhams have been increased for staff members in ranks 6, 7, 8 and 9, as well as in ranks 1 to 5 of stair 10 (or equivalent).

"There is no government capable of solving all the problems of Moroccans at once, but we must focus on priorities," he said.

"Morocco is not a rich country with no oil or gas, just a little phosphate, but it has achieved very advanced results in the World Bank Business Climate Index, where it has been ranked 60th globally and will reach the world's 50th ranking Next ".

"The Kingdom is the first foreign investor in Africa and the first African country to build ports, railways, logistics, cars and export," he said.

Source: Moroccan "Hesper" website

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