Prepare the fried eggs with many different ideas

Prepare the fried eggs with many different ideas

There are several ways to fry the eggs, including what is fried with one tablespoon of ghee, including what is fried a lot of ghee, including fried after a little failed to mix white with yolk, including fried, leaving both the yolk and white on the case of breakage, including water Here are these ways.

First, you can reduce the eggs after placing the margarine in the frying pan and when it is heated a little, fertilize the eggs after confirming that it is fresh and take a little of the ghee in the spoon, put it over the yolk and when the yolk becomes covered with a light layer of whiteness and lift it off the pan and other From the frying, the yolk appears as the white bristles.

Sprinkle it with salt, pepper and hot feet. Here is another kind of frying. Add the bottom and sides of the bottom frying pan with a small or large spoonful of ghee, depending on the amount of eggs and the capacity of the frying pan. When the margarine melts and covers the bottom of the egg fryer, heat the eggs in a low temperature. Cover the pan with a cooker cover until the eggs are cooked. The yolk is covered with a layer of white. The egg yolks are fried from the fire and left covered with the pan cover for a few minutes.

Another thing is to beat the eggs a bit until the yolks mix with the white, sprinkle it with a bit of salt and then add the frying pan with a teaspoon of ghee, and when the ghee melts, pour the eggs in it and notice that the bottom covers shake the fried little to remove the fresh eggs to the sides, then turn on the other side to ripen. Of the fried and add to the lemon juice and warm feet.

Another thing: After blending the eggs slightly to mix the yolks with whiteness, add one teaspoon of milk to each egg and finely finely parsley, and put it over the eggs with a little salt and dazzle, either put small tablets with a spoon in a pan of hot ghee or put one tablet In a deep-fried sauteed sauteed eggplant, sprinkle the eggs and cover the bottom of the pan. When the meat is cooked on the other side and its feet are mixed with other slices after slicing into pieces, the fried eggs cover the bottom of the pan with about 2 cm of water. In the pan, cover it with a lid and cook when the lamb is cooked E of the water is the form of yolk zeppelin.


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