Preparation of roasted shrimp with basil and cheese

Preparation of roasted shrimp with basil and cheese

Kilo shrimps (jumbo peeled except tail)

. x Small hanging salt

. x Parmesan cheese with grated cheese

. x A camel's eye cup

. x Small hanging chutney


Mix the basil, the parmesan cheese, the camel's eye, the olive oil and a little salt in the mixer to get the sauce.

We put the totals

6 x Hanging large olive oil

3 x Number of crushed garlic cloves

3 x Number of Limons (Section and Book)

1 x A cup of basil leaves

1 xRinse the sauce until it is covered.

Henshui shrimp on fire until we get pinkish color.

And in the other Henzne lemon lemonade and hot offer.

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