Preparation and preparation of a Moroccan soup soup

Preparation and preparation of a Moroccan soup soup


– Meat: 200 g (bone / small pieces)
– Onion: 1 grain (medium size / grated)
– tomatoes: 2 grains (peeled / peeled)
– Parsley: 2 tbsp (minced finely finely)
– Green coriander: 2 tbsp (finely chopped)
– Celery: 3 tablespoons (minced finely chopped)
– Homs: Cup (drenched whole night)
Lentil: one third of a cup
– Tomato Paste: Tray (small size)
– Vermicelli: 3 tablespoons
– Chicken broth: cup
– Flour: cup
– Salt: Brush
– Black pepper: half a teaspoon
– Ginger powder: a teaspoon
– turmeric: 2 tsp
– Ghee: 2 tbsp (or butter)
– Hot water: 3 liters

How to prepare
1. In a pot, put onions, tomatoes, meat, bone, parsley, coriander and celery.

2. Pepper, turmeric, salt, ginger and pepper.

3. Add the margarine and the heart of the ingredients to the fire for about 5 minutes until they homogenize.

4. Add chickpeas, lentils and flakes.

5. Pour water and cover the pot.

6. Leave the mixture on the fire about an hour to an hour and a half until the ingredients are fully cooked.

7. When the ingredients are ripe, add the tomato paste and mix and leave to boil.

8. Add the noodles and stir.

9. In a small bowl, place the flour and pour a little water over it and stir until dissolved.

10. Add chicken broth and stir.

11. When the mixture is condensed in the pot, gradually add the flour mixture with stirring with the other hand. This step is very important to get the desired texture.

12. After pouring the whole amount of flour, follow the stirring so as not to get the balls accurate in the calorie.

13. Cover the pot again and let it boil again until the flour is cooked.

14. Pour hot calf alongside bread and dates.

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