Pre-sleep habits for the freshness of your skin

The Arabs today - habits to sleep before the sleep of your skin

One of the common methods of skin care, which we used to do before bedtime every day, is the use of moisturizing creams, because we heard a lot about its importance to the skin, but everything has its right time or it may be counterproductive, so we may have to give up some habits sometimes to get the best results.

It turns out that the development of any kind of moisturizing creams at night on the skin works to fill the pores of the skin contrary to the common, and also impede the process of regeneration of skin cells naturally, and know that the main purpose of the development of the cream is moisturizing the skin dry, if you do not suffer from dry skin , You can give up all of that altogether.
Dear Supermama, Here are some safe tips for skin care before going to sleep:

cleaning the skin:

You can use a gentle lotion that suits your skin type to get the best result, to ensure that the pores are not clogged due to accumulation of dust and oils causing acne.

Peeling skin:

You can peel the skin twice a week to get rid of dead and dry skin layers. Try to make sure the peeler used is light on the skin and contains alpha hydroxy acids.

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Massage for the skin:

Doomy on the work of a light massage for the skin before going to sleep in a circular light for three minutes with a focus on the area surrounding the eyes, because the eye area most affected by fatigue and fatigue.

Connecting hair well:

Make sure to tie your hair back before sleeping, because it contains fats, oils and dirt may stick to the face and pillow during sleep, try to remove your hair from your face.

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Steam bath for skin:

To successfully complete the skin care process, you can make a steam bath by exposing your face to hot water vapor for a while before cleaning it. The steam bath will lighten and soften the pores of the skin. You can repeat the steam bath once a week, until you get fresh skin.

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