Postcard up to a woman after 26 years of sending!

Postcard up to a woman after 26 years of sending!

A resident of Springfield, Illinois, received a postcard dated 1993 from Hong Kong.

Kim Dreiber, who arrived on the postcard, said on July 8 that the postman had made a mistake in the address. But she mastered the card, later, and discovered that she had been sent to the former home residents, Muhammad Ali Kizilbach and Lina on July 8 just 26 years ago.

The father wrote in his family's postcard describing his trip to Hong Kong.

"The card was beautifully kept, although it stayed in the mail (the dust collector) for 26 years," Dreiber told reporters in the story in hopes of finding the cardholders.

"I was hoping that people would see the news in the local press, maybe they would have the message and communicate with me, I want to get to know them," she said.

Source: Linta. Ro


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