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Its cheap prices attract customers in Cairo's cold nights

Egyptians do not usually avoid the cold weather in the winter with household heating, or take shelter from its harsh winds between closed walls, but prefer to go out and watch until the first morning hours in the cafes, shops, entertainment and tourist areas in Cairo and major cities even during school days and exams.

In order to withstand the cold weather at night, the Egyptians accept to eat drinks and dishes that are widespread in the winter only, on the Nile River Corniche in Cairo, the Mediterranean Corniche in Alexandria, and the rest of the streets and streets of the great Egyptian cities, which gives the body a great sense of warmth.

Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is one of the most popular winter dishes that Egyptians accept in the winter because of its simple cost and delicious taste. Its ingredients are limited and available in almost all Egyptian houses: yellow lentils, tomatoes, onions and carrots. Lentil soup is easily cooked after a small amount of water is placed in it with tomatoes, onions and carrots after they are well cut. All of these ingredients are then cooked after being cooked in the blender and then filtered well until it is placed in another pot to the boiling point Again, with a spoonful of municipal ghee or margarine to be ready in the end to eat it is hot. Many Egyptian restaurants compete to serve lentil soup to customers, as it is accepted by a large number of Egyptians in the winter.

Grilled potatoes

Grilled potatoes are one of the most popular and fast-paced Egyptian street foods. The average citizen can easily find the owners of the grilled potato carriages all year round, but the demand is higher for the cold winter nights where the body needs to eat hot foods. On the cold winds in the open places. Potatoes are served in some restaurants and houses, mashed with milk and sugar in the oven and provide good nutrition and warmth for citizens.

Potato carts in Egypt are known for their simplicity and smart scent that attract customers from long distances. The smokestacks of these mobile vehicles emit fumes caused by the potato roasting process in a "my country" oven that overtakes the street vendors. Although sellers offer traditional pieces of potato and paper, many prefer it as a kind of nostalgia for heritage, believing it to be tasty and tasteless.


Orchid is one of the most popular hot drinks for many Egyptians. The main reason is to give the body a great deal of hot starch with a sweet and delicious taste, to be a substitute for the tea that is consumed throughout the day and at work. The orchid drink is fresh and refreshing. sometimes. The drink, which is served in various popular Egyptian tourist cafes, is made of orchid powder, sugar and coconut, and gives the mixture a tasty taste. When the individual sips one sip of this drink, which is often heavy, some touch the temperature of the cup of orchid, It gives them a feeling of warmth.

Homs Al Sham

If you are walking on the Corniche Nile in Cairo at night, and heard the voice of "the planet of the east," Ms. Umm Kulthum from afar, immediately go to him, you will find the vehicle Homs Cham colors cheerful behind a man who quickly flipping hot hummus ability to meet the requests of customers who wait for cups chickpeas The appetite is on plastic chairs on the banks of the ancient river Nile. Homs is served with a well known Egyptian dressing. It is also called "Halabsa". It is cooked with chickpeas, salt and sauces. It is served to customers with vinegar and lemon juice. It is accepted more by young people and children who do not have health problems and who like to drink salty drinks. Egypt has known this drink since the Ottoman era, and provides hot with dense strength with nuts, it is very suitable for the cold winter and gives the body a great energy to contain large calories and taste delicious.

Egyptians consume about 80 tonnes of cocoa liquor throughout the year, of which only 30 tonnes in winter, according to the estimates of the Coffee Division of Cairo Chamber of Commerce. Hassan Fawzi, head of the division, said in a recent press statement that "good types of cocoa are imported from Ivory Coast, and prices range between LE 80 and LE 110 per kilo. The price of orchid is between 30 and 35 And about 60 and 75 pounds per kilo of nuts, as well as ginger and cinnamon syrup, which range between 40 and 50 pounds in wholesale markets per kilo. Ahmed Pasha Idris, head of the agricultural division of the Cairo Chamber, revealed the popularity of salted drinks as well, especially Homs Al Sham, where consumption reaches between 20 and 25 tons in winter, and prices range between 25 and 40 pounds per kilo.

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