Pope Benedict XVI: There are previously unfulfilled pledges

Pope Benedict XVI: There are previously unfulfilled pledges

Rome (dpa) –

Pope Francis I of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has always preferred mediation efforts, but he pointed out that previous talks were interrupted by disrespect for the agreements, in a speech carried by the daily Corriere della Sera.

In response to a written request by Maduro to mediate the Vatican in the crisis between the Venezuelan President and the speaker of the parliament, Juan Guido, who established himself as interim president of the country, the Pope said in a letter dated February 7 that he does not support " Dialogue, "according to the Corriere newspaper.

Corriere quoted the speech as saying that what Pope Francis supports is a dialogue in which "the various parties have overcome the public interest over any other interest and work for unity and peace."

Pope Francis referred to previous efforts by the Vatican, at the request of the Venezuelan authorities. "Unfortunately, they all stopped because what was agreed at the meetings was not followed by concrete action to implement the agreements," he said.

A parliamentary delegation sent by Guido had met Edgar Pina Parra, a senior Vatican official, earlier this week in Rome.

Pena Barra pledged to support efforts to hold free elections and expressed "readiness to make every effort to see free elections in Venezuela this year," Rodrigo Diamante, a European humanitarian aid official and member of the parliamentary delegation, told reporters.

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