Pompeo thanks Argentina for its decision on Lebanon's Hezbollah

Pompeo thanks Argentina for its decision on Lebanon's Hezbollah

The US Secretary of State welcomed the decision by the Argentine authorities to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and expressed Washington's thanks for this step.

"We thank Argentina for classifying Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, in an important step to deny it the possibility of planning terrorist attacks," Pompeo wrote in a tweet published on Thursday.

Pompeo added that the world knows that "Hezbollah is a terrorist agent of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

"Today marks the 25th anniversary of the attack on the building of the Argentine Jewish Conservative Association, and reminds us of the constant and urgent threat posed by Hezbollah and Iran," wrote Pompeo, who is currently visiting Argentina: "We must be vigilant in our unified efforts to end malicious behavior in the hemisphere."

Earlier in the day, the Financial Intelligence Unit of Argentina, a body charged with combating terrorist financing and money laundering, sent a freeze on assets belonging to Hezbollah and its members a day after the country set up a new list of terrorism-related individuals and entities. Terrorist organization in the country.

Source: RT


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