Pogpa reveals the secret of his reluctance to draw tattoos and replace him with dismissals

pogpa reveals the secret of his reluctance to draw tattoos and replace him with dismissals

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has always been hailed by strange layoffs amid criticism of his over-interest in the Newlook and lack of focus on training and matches.

Pogpa reveals why he does not like tattooing his body, despite the fact that the art of tattooing on the body is popular among soccer players and stars.

"In my childhood, I was influenced by a number of supernatural and imaginary characters like my generation, so I like to draw their shapes and paint my hair in the colors of their symbols," Bogba told The Times.

"I know that I am criticized because of the diversity of my comments, but I understand that it is normal that there are people who do not like you, so they criticize you for any action and use it to attack you. This is life and I am receptive to all opinions."

As for the tattoo, he said: "I do not paint it for religious reasons, as I do not think it suits me because it does not fit the brown skin, the painting can not appear on it."

"I love tattoos and those arts that are related to them and I see them, but I will not paint on my body."

The French star is keen to travel to Mecca and Medina to perform Umrah and also Hajj with his family and friends away from the atmosphere of football and pressure.

Although Pogpa tends to pay attention to appearances and this is reflected in his interest in his constantly changing hair styles, but the religious aspect of his life is great and very interested.


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