Pentagon: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries begin intensive security patrols in their territorial waters

pentagon: gulf cooperation council (gcc) countries begin intensive security patrols in their territorial waters

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has launched intensive security patrols in the Gulf waters since May 18, the US Navy said on Sunday.

"GCC member states have launched intensive security patrols in the region's territorial waters since May 18," said the US Fifth Fleet of the Central Command of the United States Armed Forces deployed in Bahrain.

The Fifth Fleet said in a statement posted on its Facebook account that the OIC countries "have increased their coordination in particular in support of regional cooperation on the maritime military and naval security operations in the Arabian Gulf."

"GCC ships, including the Navy and Coast Guard, are working closely with each other as well as with the US Navy, as agreed at a meeting held at the headquarters of the Fifth Fleet in the Bahraini capital Manama last week," the statement said. .

In this context, the US Embassy in Qatar announced earlier today a high-level military meeting held in Manama between the commander of the US Fifth Fleet, Deputy Admiral Jim Malloy and the commanders of the Navy in the GCC.

The embassy published a picture of the meeting, describing it as a "summary of the maritime security working group held at the headquarters of the US Naval Central Command in Manama," stressing that the meeting showed "determination and common commitment to ensure the security and stability of maritime navigation and free trade" In the Middle East.

These developments come at a time when the Gulf region is witnessing a significant escalation between Iran and the United States, which has already imposed painful economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic, accusing it of seeking nuclear weapons and supporting terrorism, to send the Pentagon to the territorial waters there is a group of warships led by a carrier The aircraft "Abraham Lincoln", together with several tactical bombers of the type "B-52", because of the existence of "confirmed information" about the "Iranian threats" to the American military and their allies.

Tensions in the region increased after four merchant vessels, including Saudi, UAE and Norwegian, were hit on May 12 for sabotage near territorial waters. They were sailing towards the port of Fujairah on the east coast of the UAE (70 nautical miles from the Strait of Hormuz) And the Saudi announcement, on May 14, the targeting of two stations for the transfer of oil from the fields of the eastern region of the Kingdom to the port of Yanbu on the western coast of the attack by the aircraft bombed by the Houthis.

Source: RT

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