Order coffee and pay money with a click on the front car platform

With the introduction of auto-driving around us, these advanced technologies will contribute to better management of traffic congestion in the future, but they may also change the way you communicate while driving.
The automakers bet that owning our cars for technical muscle keeps us in constant touch will make us throw our phones aside after riding and continue to communicate through the control panel in its internal structure.
On the other hand, these technologies will give us an additional range of amenities such as providing the driver with fuel, food and accommodation options, as well as some internal purchasing processes.
– Electronic Communications
General Motors owners have tasted some of the taste of this future. Since December, General Motors has supplied nearly 3 million cars with an internal system called Market Place. This free system connects directly with commercial entities and allows the driver or passenger to request and pay for a variety of products and services without the need for a mobile phone.
Other businesses that have collaborated with General Motors include McDonald's, Shell and ExxonMobil.
Many owners of vehicles equipped with the Market Place system are more likely to be in their vehicles, with only about 75,000 car owners registering, but not listed in any of the vehicle's operating manuals. General Motors wanted to give them some time To revise the system and increase the number of businesses that deal with them, but today began to market it to its customers.
Market Place interacts with General Motors' information and entertainment system and enters into a dialogue with the owner. For example, if the car runs out of fuel, the system will provide the owner with the right directions to the nearest gas station. The system also allows the driver to enter into the reward programs offered by the brands, and guides him to the places where he gets the fuel cuts. Here, there is no need to pass a bank card in the pump because «Market Place» is the payment and operation of the pump.
Market Place continues via a 4GLT modem that can connect to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. General Motors has made a wise decision to adopt this technology, especially since its cars have been equipped with modems since the launch of the "On Stars" in 1996.
Other companies have introduced communications devices based on modem technology, but General Motors has made the big leap in the world of mobile communications and marketing.
– Video and audio control
Rick Raskin, executive director of General Motors, which manages the customer contact experience, pointed to the company's focus on reducing driver distraction while driving.
"Market Place allows drivers to do what they used to do on their phones on their cars, ensuring a safer position than holding the phone in hand and moving the wheel with the other hand," he said.
Not so long as car makers have adopted a driver's phone and Bluetooth connectivity is a key technology to offer comfort features, but an increasing number of companies and analysts see this solution as limited and untypical.
David Linado, vice president of modern technology and development at Cox Automotive Research, said that the modem in the design of the car with its SIM card will eventually become the only new vehicle to connect with one another, with the infrastructure, Which provide mobile services.
According to Linyado, the SIM cards with owner's IDs are available in about 130 million cars around the world, saying that "Bluetooth and phone have become the past." The driver or passenger sitting in the front seat can interact with Market Place by touching the control panel screen.
For his part, revealed Stefan Cross, spokesman for General Motors that the company is developing sound control technology of this system. Business that requires a full focus, such as booking a hotel room, can distract the driver, as it can only be completed after the driver has stopped driving.
"Market Place" also limits the options of the owner of the car. For example, a Starbucks customer can order from his car and, with only a few options, is based on his previous options. The presentation is always uniform so that drivers can see where they are looking and what they should do on the different pages provided by the marketing agency to help them maintain their focus while driving.
– Multiple designs
Other car manufacturers benefit from compact communications in car designs on a modest scale.
> BMW Connected today allows car owners to connect with the Alexa voice in-car via the modem in their system without the need for a smartphone. The company did not add to its system any cooperation with any commercial entity, but the owner can ask Alexa to make the request on his behalf.
> Land Rover Touch Pro Duo connects via an in-car modem, can locate filling stations and provide traffic information.
> Mercedes-Benz offers a system known as the Mercedes-Benz, an application that provides control functions loaded on a mobile phone or other personal device, to connect the car with the driver through the modem located in them. This system allows for the creation of a default "geo-fence", and the system sends an immediate message to the owner of the vehicle if it moves beyond these limits.
Audi also added a feature known as Traffic Light Information to traffic lights and can tell the driver how long he or she should wait before the light turns green.
This feature works in just a few cities, including Las Vegas, Phoenix and Washington, which have deployed the hardware they need.
– Communication risks from the car
While car makers and consultants are studying the effectiveness of in-car communication, others think of Brian Rimmer, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher, in ways that ensure that these features do not lead to new risks.
"To provide information to the driver, we have to strategically weave it. The driver must have enough time to look his way. He can not look away from him, even for a short time. " The engineers are working on systems that can determine the number of times a driver should look at the road, issuing warnings and warnings if distracted, he said.
For those who drive less modern cars, they have a chance of retrofitting. Verizon offers a modem and a range of features known as "Ham," similar to modern car designs today, but is connected to outlets in old cars that have been manufactured since 1996. Mercedes-Benz dealers in Britain are currently upgrading Communication technology in many cars made since 2002.

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