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Open the Windows 10 lock using the fingerprint on your Android phone

Definitely on your mobile phone you have a fingerprint reader. This feature has been extended to all models now, making it easier to unlock as well as making it more secure. But what if you could open your computer using a portable fingerprint reader? In fact, you can do this, as long as the phone is an Android system, your computer has Windows 10 operating system. Plus it works quickly and securely for desktop or laptop computers.

Windows 10 can be unlocked with a password, a PIN code, a fingerprint or even a face if we have the necessary hardware. Now, with the Remote Fingerprint Unlock application we can also unlock your computer using your fingerprint through your smartphone. In this way, placing your finger on the phone scanner is the way to access our software, applications, files and documents. Not only gives you more security to open your computer, it also provides more convenience for most users.
All you need to do is download the previous app on your Android phone from the Google Play store. And also the software for the computer, and we will have to open the application and scan the corresponding code in order to pair the smartphone with the computer. We’ll have to set up a mobile user account.
The last step will be as simple as entering the username and password for the account you want to sign in remotely. In this way, when we use our fingerprint as shown in the video below, we can unlock the account we previously set up only on a computer running Windows 10.

Application Link: Remote Fingerprint Unlock
Link: Finger Unlock


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