One of the emperors of the companies that invest money fleeing from Egypt: my life is terrifying and living in the "bathroom"

Egyptian businessman Ashraf al-Saad, who fled to London 21 years ago, has revealed that he is suffering from a health problem, saying he is suffering from a disease that makes him stay permanently in the bathroom.

He said in a tweet published on his account in Twitter: "Bqali years every day and the operation and the hospital and doctors, but the subject of the eradication of part of the prostate is a very difficult subject and Lord what he writes on an enemy and not a lover."

"My life is drenched and I almost live in the bathroom and the amount of blood is terrifying, and the strange doctor is coming. I will stay like this for more than a month and I'm out of focus and it's all for God alone."

"Many thanks to Allah, this is a cleansing by the permission of God. Perhaps God wanted to leave you and leave you a little bit of the world and called him and Ijark and patience and make you all the best brother Ashraf."

He added another: "Tahwara and infidels, God willing, and all pain paid by God's permission."

Al-Saad lives in Britain after he fled Egypt 21 years ago, following the Egyptian government's reservations about his money in the framework of its activity against the companies that used to charge the Egyptians.

Source: "Twitter"


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