On my warranty your phone will be broken immediately after you play this game

Do not recommend that playing it is one of the most frustrating and annoying games, causing nerves and emotions and playing it may destroy your nerves and make you break your phone, all this was a message from the developer of the game that I wanted to share with you and which frankly caused me great inconvenience and anxiety because of the stages that are available and It is very likely that you have already seen one of the videos in which you participate the most dangerous and difficult games that can be easily overcome without causing you nervousness and frustration.

Is a flash game designed and developed using a console game for games very easy and easy design, which is very similar to the game of Super Mario and the way to play is very easy to download from Play Store Store:
Trap adventure 2
After loading it, play it directly and you will find that in the first 10 minutes you will be very upset with the game because of the difficult stages that may become impossible sometimes. Many users on the YouTube platform tried their experience directly, losing many of their senses and breaking their phone because of the difficulty of the game and the problems that And I advise you not to lengthen their game or else you will break your phone.

Here's one of the video experiences that have been shared on the YouTube platform:
the video

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