Olive oil protects the liver from the effect of pesticides

Olive oil protects the liver from the effect of pesticides

Several experiments and scientific studies have shown that a diet containing olive oil improves liver resistance to the influence of external factors from the surrounding medium.

Scientists from the University of Monastir in Tunisia and King Saud University in Saudi Arabia conducted experiments that showed that eating olive oil helps protect the liver from the damage of external pollutants.

The researchers found these results after their experiments on 80 laboratory samples, divided into seven groups. The researchers presented six groups of rats to herbicides with a different concentration.

The results of these experiments showed that because of the harmful effects of the chemicals, negative changes occurred in rat liver, but the researchers noticed that the changes in the rats that took the olive oil were much lower than the changes in the other rats. It has been shown that this is due to the high activity of the antioxidant enzymes in the bodies of the rats that took the olive oil, which is better protection against damage.

Therefore, doctors recommend the inclusion of olive oil in the daily diet, especially since pesticides may be present even in plant food and in soft drinks. Because of these pesticides die some types of bacteria in the intestine, resulting in the development of some diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, obesity and depression, in addition to pesticides adversely affect the kidneys and liver.

Source: Medicom Forum

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