"Oleo El Ghalaba" is a five-person, costing 6 pounds

The 5-person pasta can be purchased for 6 pounds

Chef Massad Mohamed Lalou, known as "Mimo Roma", began his first series of recipes, known as the "Ghulabat Al-Ghulba", because it is enough for a family of five and costs very little.

This meal is known as "Olio El Ghalaba" and is cooked as follows:

2 garlic cloves on 2 tablespoons of oil, put on a red broth and leave until the oil is pressed and then put 4 chopped pieces of watercress. Add chopped tomatoes and add a glass of hot water, preferably water that has been stirred for less than a minute. Add the pasta and stir it together for about a minute and then stir.

This dish is known in Italy as "Alio Olio" but Chef Romeo is called the "pasta pasta" because its cost is very simple, a pasta dish costing 1 pound, and 4 sticks of watercress half a pound, which can feed a family of 5 individuals with 6 Only pounds.

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