"OLED" laptops reach the market in 2019

Arab Today - OLED laptops reach the market in 2019

The display of OLED screens is on laptops As a major return at the CES 2019 technology and inventions, announced several new models that use this superior technology of supply.

OLED screens outperform ordinary LCD screens used by most laptops in several ways. They show an ideal black color that does not look gray, like most LCDs, because the individual screen and pixels will not work while A black scene is displayed, while the LCD always has a backlight that is turned on behind the screen itself.

Because Screens OLED does not have backlight behind the screen, it also has a higher energy efficiency than LCD monitors, which translates to longer battery life, which we saw with smartphones that come with OLED screens compared to LCD monitors. OLED displays also offer a beautiful contrast between the bright and dark areas of the scene, making it a stunning image.

One of the most important notebooks in the exhibition was a prototype of the new Razer Blade 15, which will come with a 15-inch OLED display. The Razer Blade 15 with OLED is still on, but Razer said it plans to release it in 2019, and there are no details of its possible specifications or price
HP, Dell and Lenovo announced new laptops with OLED screens. The new Specter X360 15 is expected to be available in March 2019, with price details announced near launch.

Dell will launch three new OLED monitors in March 2019, including the XPS 15 and two gaming models, the Alienware m15 and the Dell G7. The new Lenovo C730 will also feature an OLED display when it is released in March, 2019.

Computer manufacturers have been using OLEDs in the past, as they can easily increase the cost of a laptop beyond what the buyer wants to pay. Indeed, OLED screens are expensive for both the laptop and the buyer. Most OLED TVs, for example, But the price of OLED technology has dropped to a manageable level. However, although there are no pricing details for these models, it is expected to cost more than comparable laptops with LCD displays.

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