«Nokia 7.1» Cheap phone with distinctive specifications

The new Nokia range of phones, the most important of which is the Nokia 7.1, which is aimed at the economic category at a price of only $ 350 and offers the experience of "raw Android", and performance exceeding the performance of many competing devices in this price category.
– Shape and design
The Nokia 7.1 is unique in its revolutionary design when compared to leading phones, but in its class, its design gives you the impression that you are holding a distinctive glass-filled phone with aluminum edges.
In the front, we find a wide bottom edge, while at the top we find the bump we used on the 2018 phones and has a headset and a front camera for Sylvester, and does not support facial recognition. While in the background we find the two main cameras and a fingerprint sensor and the distinctive logos "Nokia" and "AndoidOne" (AndoidOne).
On the right side is the power and sound button, while the left side of the buttons has only the slide tray, which also contains a place for external memory of the type "MicroSD" (MicroSD).
At the top is the microphone and a 3.5 mm jack for the external speakers, while the bottom is the USB-C charging port and the external speaker.
To reduce the cost, the device is not waterproof or dustproof, and although its back is made of glass, it does not support wireless charging.
What we have noticed through our use of the device is the ease of sliding from the sinuses or uneven surfaces, in addition to it is a magnet for fingerprints, which usually fill the entire body by using him for a few seconds.
– Phone features
> Screen: The phone came in a screen "LCD" measuring 5.84 inches and a resolution «1080×2280» pixel and a density of 432 pixels per inch.
In use, the screen looks attractive, sleek and sharp, perfect for watching videos, checking emails, or reading long articles, but being an LCD makes them unsuitable for use under strong sunlight.
Nokia 7.1 is the first phone to be launched from HD using pureDisplay screen, which can display HDR 10 images, but can convert SDR to HDR during playback. directly.
> Hardware and Performance: The device comes with a processor «Snapdragon 636» (Snapdragon 636) standard 14-nm eight-core 1.8 GHz with Adreno 509 »(Adreno 509). The memory comes in two versions; the first with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of external memory. The second is 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of external memory.
External memory can also be increased by adding a MicroSD to up to 400 GB if one connection is used.
When testing the performance of the processor through the application of Geekbench 4, it was expected to score average points by 4751 which are acceptable, especially if we compare it with one of the competing phones such as «Moto G6», which scored only 4167 points; Points Closer to understanding, Google's flagship Google Pixel 3 record 8336 points.
As for the operating system, it relies entirely on the AndroidOne system, or the raw Android, based on the Android 8, to provide a smooth, fast and up-to-date experience from Google, unlike other phones that use modified Android versions.
The Android version (Android 9) is expected to come by the end of the month, which will speed up the performance of the device and reduce its energy consumption.
– Camera and battery
> Camera: The camera comes with a dual camera in cooperation with the company «Carl Zeiss» specialized, 12 megapixel camera for the main lens and aperture lens f-1.8 The second lens came with a resolution of 5 megapixel camera f-2.4 The two cameras perform in most conditions, We really liked it.
Perhaps thanks to the cooperation with Carl Zeiss, as usual for many Nokia phones, this time the German company not only provided lenses; but developed advanced algorithms for processing images to appear this good shape. One of the most advanced modes in the camera options is the Bokeh mode for direct isolation, allowing you to choose the degree of blur you get in the background to highlight the basic element in the image in the best way. Of course, the images will not be the quality of those captured by Samsung or Apple phones, , But very good overall, and up to excellent when taking photos in daylight. There is no doubt that it will not fail the user of the device in most cases, especially if we remember the price of the device acceptable.
> Battery: The phone comes with a 3060 mAh battery that can operate the phone for a full day with normal use.
The battery supports fast charging via a USB-C slot. This is a point for the company to provide this feature to a middle-class phone.
Indeed, when we tested it, we were able to charge the phone from zero to 50 per cent in about 30 minutes.

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