No definite details about the survival of anyone .. The owner of Leicester Club and his daughter were aboard a helicopter fell and turned into a ball of flame


The owner of the Leicester club, Thai businessman Vikai Srivadhanapraba, was among five people aboard a helicopter that crashed and turned into a ball of flame next to the team’s stadium on Saturday 27 October 2018, a source told Reuters.

The source added, Sunday, October 28, 2018, that Vicky’s daughter was also in the helicopter, along with two pilots and a fifth person was not identified immediately.

The source said there were no confirmed details of the survival of any person, but confirmed that Claude Boyle, Leicester coach, was not on board the helicopter.

Vicki, a father of four and the founder of King Power International, a free market giant, is very popular with the club after buying the submarine in 2010 before he surprises the world of football and wins the Premier League title in 2016.

In Thailand, King Power officials said they could not comment on the incident, or confirm that Vickay was on board when he got out of control and crashed a few meters from the pitch, about an hour after the end of the game.

Leicester did not issue a formal comment on the owner of the club.

The plane crashed into the club’s parking garage. Witnesses said the helicopter overtook the stadium before it began to turn around. Then it fell to the ground and turned into tongues of flame.

John Butcher, who was close to the stadium at the time of the incident, told BBC that his nephew had seen the helicopter out of control due to a defect in the rear fan.

“In seconds it fell like a stone on the ground,” he said. “Fortunately, she ran around for a while and everyone ran. As far as we know, no one in the garage was hurt in this problem. ”

Champion of England

After pumping millions into the club, Vicki Leicester helped return to the Premier League in 2014, before surprising the world by beating giant teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea to become a hero for England.

According to Forbes, Vekai is the fifth richest person in Thailand, with a fortune of $ 4.9 billion.

The self-employed entrepreneur, Vicki, founded Thailand’s giant free-market giant King Power in 1989.

Free-market businesses received a boost in 2006, when Vicki monopolized the airport under the then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s government, and the company continued to flourish even after Thaksin’s overthrow in a coup that year.

The Vickay family empire includes Belgium’s Ud-Heverly Leuven.

The club’s top players, including England-based duo Jimmy Fardy and Harry Maguire, sent letters of support on Twitter, with rival clubs including Manchester City expressing concern.

Ryan Brown, a freelance photographer, was covering the game and watched the plane go past the stadium before it crashed, the BBC reported.

“What happened was that the engine stopped and turned to look at it,” said Brown. “The plane was making loud noises. There was silence before the plane’s fan started spinning and then there was a big explosion. ”

Leicester drew 1-1 at home at West Ham United on Saturday.


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