Nissan pulls 150,000 cars due to brakes and speed devices

Arabs today - Nissan pulls 150,000 cars due to brakes and speed devices

Company provided Nissan Motor Call for nearly 150,000 cars in Japan After finding faulty checks performed on brakes and speed gauges, adding to its record by pulling more than 1.14 million cars into similar problems beforehand.

The Nikkei newspaper reported that Nissan had submitted to the Japanese Ministry of Transport to withdraw nearly 150,000 vehicles from 11 models.

Earlier this month, Nissan said it would need to re-examine brake and steering systems as well as speed gauges in the wake of the latest cases of mismanagement of quality control detected even with the company's pledge in September last year to tighten the test to prevent the recurrence of these errors.

Nissan said in September last year that it found unqualified employees had been checking cars for years, prompting the recall of 1.14 million cars through 42 models sold in Japan.

The company admitted in July this year to change emissions and fuel emissions data for cars sold in the domestic market.

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