Nice: Mom taught me cooking … and I love the green salad

The Tunisian singer told Asharq Al-Awsat that the artist is required to maintain his grace

The Tunisian singer Latifa, her love for cooking, and her dedication to preparing dishes and recipes, returned to her mother, who taught her culinary arts. She revealed that she tries as far as possible to stay away from starches to maintain her grace. Eat all kinds of delicious and enjoyable food; because it is required to maintain its vitality and activity ».

Latifa spoke to Asharq Al-Awsat about her love for the Lebanese cuisine because it distinguishes it from healthy dishes. At the same time, she said: "God has not created bad food; but it is man who must preserve himself and choose what suits him."

Nice ended up preferring to forward food invitations at her home in Cairo, especially if the guests were from Tunisia. To the text of the dialogue:

> What is your favorite dish?

– I am a vegetarian lady, I love everything that is green, and you always find me eating vegetables and green salad, because it has many benefits to health. Eating vegetables in general helps to get rid of excess weight and at the same time does not harm the health of the body, a food entree, which is particularly related to the regimens, because it contains many of the benefits and important elements of the body, which the person, which follows a diet for slimming and burning Fats.

> What is your favorite restaurant in Tunisia or Egypt?

There is no specific restaurant that I like to eat because I am good at cooking and cooking. My mother, may God preserve her, is a first class lady who taught me how to prepare food, so I like to prepare food myself at home. Because standing in the kitchen is very fun and interesting. , And tasting the food they have cooked by myself is wonderful, to taste and eat what made your hands is wonderful.

> What do you eat in your travels?

– In my frequent travels to the Arab and European countries, I try as much as I can get away from carbohydrates, to maintain my weight and my appetite, the artist is always deprived of the grace to eat all kinds of delicious food and fun, unlike the rest of people who eat what they like without concern. This is because the artist prefers to maintain his form and texture continuously, so despite my passion for food, I try to taste it.

> What is your favorite kitchen?

– The best Lebanese cuisine, because the food is healthy, and contains the distinctive types of vegetables and oils useful to the body, and that was the reason for his arrival in the world. This is because it depends on health products, such as olive oil, garlic, lemon, and various vegetables, as well as the variety of dishes, from entrees, grills, fries, and other delicious items.

> When you make an invitation to your friends, what place do you host them?

– Many Arab and foreign artists and singers prefer to celebrate their guests by inviting them to lunch or dinner at fancy and famous restaurants. But I invite my guests to have dinner at my home in Cairo, especially if the guests are from Tunisia. Sometimes I use a number of girls to help me prepare food, especially when hosting a large number of guests.

> Which fish do you prefer: fish, meat or chicken?

– the best fish in particular; because it is rich in proteins containing acids that maintain the tissues of the body, in addition to it is a very important source of iodine and phosphorus necessary for teeth, bones and blood, as well as contain important vitamins, beneficial to the human body, and the most important to me Special is that ingested does not cause weight gain.

> What spices are you keen to use in cooking?

– I'm not a fan of spice, but use it carefully so as not to tire my stomach, as I said I am vegetarian, and the best eating vegetables and dishes that do not use spices significantly.

> Which foods do you prefer: sugars or citrus?

Of course, most of the sweets we eat in Egypt are not found in Tunisia or Morocco, in North Africa. We have other sweets, while I eat very few citrus fruits.

> What dish or ingredient do you hate?

– There is nothing God has created bad; but the food that harms my health is better to get away from it and reduce it, even if it is delicious.

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