News of the giant alliance brings together "Volkswagen" and "Ford" to save billions of dollars

Arabs today - news of a giant alliance brings together "Volkswagen" and "Ford" to save billions of dollars

Intends to "Volkswagen" And"Ford"The announcement of a deeper alliance between them, next week, goes beyond cooperation in the field of commercial vehicles, in a move to provide billions of dollars to the two companies, while devising new technologies.

The two companies are looking for closer co-operation, while trade disputes between China and the United States force them to rethink car manufacturing sites for the European market and as software companies are ready to launch their own self-driving cars.

"The agreement is going well," the source said. "The alliance framework between the two companies will include the pooling of resources in terms of self-driving car technology and investment," the source said. Of Volkswagen in the Ford activities in this area, while Ford will buy the right to use the platform of electric vehicles belonging to Volkswagen.

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