News of the death of the Bahraini artist and media Sabreen Burshid sweeping the sites of communication

The death of Bahraini artist and journalist Sabreen Burshid, who died in a Turkish hospital after a conflict with the disease, was a shock to her followers and loved ones.

The activists of the social networking sites expressed their deep sadness to hear the news of the death of Sabreen, 34, pointing out that they "broke their hearts" and wrote one of the songs: "God protects us from the tragedy of predestination, this is what we know personal knowledge broken our hearts to God, to her".

Another wrote: "Allah forgives her and mercy her and makes her grave a kindergarten of Paradise, and we return to him."

A third wrote: "One of the most loved actresses I've ever seen … She once sat in a restaurant in Bahrain, and Iyad Tijnn, Bashoshah and Tiyouba."

The father of the artist Sabrin Burshid, earlier Monday, through calculations on social networking sites, the news of the death of his daughter in the hospital, which is treated in Istanbul, Turkey after suffering from the disease, and explained Sabrin's father, "she suffered a relapse while receiving treatment, God gave what God has taken, died Sabreen .. God reward you. "

For its part, the Bahraini Ministry of Information Affairs and its staff, called the media Borshed, after suffering with the disease, and a journey of generosity and artistic creativity and media.
"The Bahraini and Gulf media and artistic families have lost one of the young talents, which have had their distinctive hallmarks in Bahrain Radio and Television and many Gulf drama and artistic programs," the ministry said in a statement.

And a number of Arab media and artists "late", as the Kuwaiti media published on the expense of the "integram" image of the trip before the disease and the other appeared during the infancy on the hospital bed.
She commented: "The artist and presenter Sabreen Burshid in the custody of God after a conflict with the disease."

Kuwaiti artist Ilham Al-Fadala published a picture of her in the hijab and wrote: "We are God and we return to him and there is no power but in God .. My heart was broken from the news, God bless her with mercy and patience of the heart of her people, O Lord."

Sabreen was born in 1985 to a Bahraini father and a Saudi mother, a media personality, and a radio and television presenter in Bahrain. She moved from Kuwait two months ago to work, and her father took her to Bahrain after suffering from fainting that made her sleep for long periods and forget many things in her daily life .

The young artist was admitted to the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital, where doctors and specialists diagnosed her condition with three tumors on the left side of the head several months ago and was at an advanced stage of the disease.

Bahrain was treated at the expense of the Ministry of Health under the directives of Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa. She was taken to Turkey for treatment with her family and was very responsive to the treatment during her stay there until she suffered a severe relapse. .

Source: Agencies


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