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In this issue we have chosen a mouse and keyboard for the Xbox One, as well as various applications for mobile devices, including an application for tracking the child's location and use of the Internet, and another important information about the weather, as well as an application that offers fast recipes and pictures of home meals, Ability to connect and control TV with portable devices via TV.

– Developing the Xbox One
Microsoft has released a software update for the XBox One that allows the use of the mouse and keyboard without having to download any additional software. This will raise the capabilities of players in games requiring mouse accuracy, and the speed of using keyboard buttons.
A Razer Turret mouse, designed specifically for the Xbox One, provides 2.4 GHz fixed wireless connection through a single wireless device connected to the Xbox One and a battery capacity of up to To 40 hours per shipment, the keyboard buttons will light up in many colors. The mouse and keyboard are designed specifically for players with high quality (up to 80 million keystrokes on the keyboard) and super fast response, with a special button displaying the main screen of the device with one click.
The mouse and keyboard can be used with any Windows 10-based PC, priced at $ 250.

– Tracking children's place
The application of Cerberus Child Safety on Android devices will help you make sure your kids are safe, in the real world by tracking their geographic location, or in the digital world by monitoring what they do while browsing the Internet. . With regard to protection in the real world, you can monitor your child's current location, as well as the feature of identifying his or her "safe areas", to receive a notification of application immediately upon entry or exit of the child from that area, with access to detailed daily, Different. The app will send you a notification if the child has removed the location permission and used from the app. The application is free for 7 days and can then be subscribed to a service that offers anti-theft and personal safety features. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

– Apply advanced weather
You can use the free Apex Weather application on Android-powered devices, which offer daily weather forecasts for the next 7 days and every hour with direct notifications in case of non-atmospheric changes Expected.
The application provides information on temperature, sunrise and sunset, humidity, air pressure, ultraviolet radiation, and other information. Satellite maps can also be used to check weather conditions, movement of clouds in real time, and many other useful features. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

– Quick recipes
You can easily prepare your own home-cooked meals using the free KptnCook application on Android and iOS devices. The application offers recipes that do not require more than 30 minutes of preparation, Suggest to the stores you can buy the supplies from.
The application offers 3 easy-to-prepare daily recipes, vegetarian or meat recipes, from low-carbohydrate to high-protein, along with detailed preparation steps, detailed options and options.
The application can calculate protein ratios and nutritional values, search within recipes, find the nearest place to buy recipe amounts, and identify the location, trends and hours of work in countries that support this feature. The application can be downloaded from my Google Play and iTunes store.

– Link with TV
You can connect your smart TV to computers, tablets, smart phones, and remotely control your applications and software with your smart TV without having to use an HDMI connection. In this way, users can browse the Internet or play using the TV screen, and use cloud services that use the Internet browser to work on documents, using a separate keyboard and mouse. This function works on new Samsung TVs, including the Knox Security protection platform to protect user data.

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