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In this issue, we have selected a device that offers useful functions for the elderly, as well as various mobile applications, including an advanced and easy-to-use graphic design tool, another to design your Facebook profile backgrounds, a 3D mask application and another to enhance your phone's performance .

A device for the elderly

Kintell's smart home offers comfortable capabilities for the elderly, including reminders of medication appointments, drinking water, exercise, mental development and reassurance without intrusion or embarrassment through an online application. This device also provides the ability to call a specific number in emergency situations, temperature control and lighting of the corridors at night, and voice interaction with the user, and other useful features. It can interact with the device through a built-in touch pad and a clear screen and a special button for emergencies. The price of the device is $ 99, and more information about it can be found at

Advanced drawing tools

The Infinite Painter application on Android and IOS offers the ability to carry your graphics with you wherever you are and work on them anytime, anywhere. It is a unique application for talented, illustrators and hobbyists who want to develop Their skills in the world of drawing and colors. The application offers a wide range of color brushes that give different impressions and effects, as well as realistic blend and precision using a large number of tools. The application provides a realistic way to handle the paper and canvas chosen by the user, to start working on his art.

The application also provides 3D drawing functionality to facilitate the design of furniture, along with other tools including scaling, trimming and changing the proportions of the painting. Using the application is easy and smooth, whether it is through fingers, or through the use of a smart pen on your device. The application is priced at $ 5.99 and can be downloaded from my Google Play and iTunes stores.

3D masks

If you are looking for an application that adds different masks and effects to your personal photos to look more fun, and on Snape Chat, you will find the free FaceRig application on Android and iOS devices, The application will emulate these effects greatly, but instead of using SnapShat lenses, the application provides 3D masks to replace the user's face. The application offers the ability to hide facial features completely by choosing from over 40 different stereoscopic masks and offering digital gifts to those who use it on a daily basis. The application not only adds masks, but also captures unique video offers that can add voice comments and the mask of the user's choice, and then share with others across different social networks. The application can be downloaded from my Google Play and iTunes store.

Wallpapers for Facebook

The Cover Photo Maker application on your iOS device will help you easily edit your photos, make them suitable for your Facebook profile size, and add some additional effects. With this application, you can design stunning images to make the most of the space on your profile in Facebook. The application offers a simple, intelligent interface that allows you to adjust the smallest detail, unlike other applications whose functionality is limited to specific tasks. The application features 18 different templates, including glass effects, personal photo editing, animation, photo animation, over 50 photo filters, horizontal textures, logos and image border control. The application is priced at $ 1.99 and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

Develop your phone's performance

The free Device Maintenance application on Android devices provides you with an overview of your phone's battery, storage and memory status, with the ability to quickly boost the performance of your phone with the click of a button. The application allows you to select the rapid development feature that detects the device and increases its performance immediately. It scans the cache, deletes unneeded files, and closes applications running in the background to increase battery life. You can also increase the battery performance when it is low. The system will automatically save power by activating the power saving feature, which will reduce its use of power and not receive the notifications of the applications it consumes. You can also choose a mode for your phone from 4 modes to give it better performance, including play and entertainment, lower battery consumption and high performance mode. The application features an easy to add external control panel to the home screen for easy handling, fast one-click development, efficient RAM management, automatic deletion of unnecessary files, saving power saving mode, battery usage reduction, power consumption control in each application, Detailed phone case status to follow daily status, providing the ability to block malware, adware and viruses. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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