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In this issue, we have selected a mobile charger for different mobile phones, as well as various applications for mobile devices, including an application to separate the colors of the image elements, and another to move and stop specific parts of video and animation presentations, as well as an application to preview the effect of filters before taking pictures and recording Video offers, and another to customize the functions of phone buttons.

– Fast wireless charger

You can charge your phone and other accessories wirelessly and travel with as little wire as possible with the Lion Wireless Charger, which offers a handset enclosure that allows wireless charging when placed on a private platform. The charger supports Galaxy Note 5, 8, 6 Edge, 6 Edge Plus, 7, 7 Edge, 8, 8+, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 10, Google Nexus 7, 6, 5, 4, Lumia 920 and 928, C8X, Druid DNA, Resaund, Incredible 4G, Moto Droid Turbo, LGG2 and BlackBerry Zed 30. The charger supports battery protection from extra power to avoid overheating. It supports the Qi standard for wireless charging, which offers 1.4 times higher charging speeds than conventional charging. The charger is available in black, gold, pink and silver. More information can be found at

– Color separation of image

The Color Accent application on EOS-based devices will offer professional graphics effects, allowing you to focus on a specific image element and display it in natural colors, and display other elements in black and white to focus on and highlight the first element. The application uses a smart and precise search tool that identifies the parties of desired elements and separates their colors. The application also allows you to modify and edit image colors, providing a set of preset filters. The application is priced at $ 0.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

– Preview effects

The free application of YouCam Perfect on Android devices provides a complete set of tools for photography and image editing, including "direct effects" that show the effect of adjustment before capturing the image for preview, with integrated filters Similar to SnapShots, a background delete tool, image rotation, color adjustment with High Dynamic Range HDR, blurry blurry, and facial blemishes. The application also supports recording of video presentations, adding effects directly to them, saving and sharing them with others. A copy of the app that does not have built-in ads can be purchased by purchasing the paid version for $ 0.99 and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

– Customize the functions of phone buttons

You can change standard button functions on Android devices using the free Button Mapper application, so button functions can be customized to suit your recurring needs.

With this application, you can adjust the function of the main screen button, control loudness, return to the previous screen, etc., to launch an application or display a desired list. The application can customize the accessory buttons associated with the device, such as the wireless headset buttons, the voice assistant (on the phones you support), the camera button, the recently used application button, and so on. The function can also be controlled according to how the button is clicked, so that a function can be activated by just clicking the button and another function by clicking twice and a third function by pressing and holding the button itself. The application features a simple and organized interface that makes it easy to organize and distribute tasks. Note that the application will not work when the phone screen is locked except for high volume control buttons. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

– Move elements in presentations

The innovative Cinegraph application on EOS-based devices can edit video and motion pictures and make a fixed and animated part of them, according to the technical vision, to focus on a specific element in the image. The video and animation presentations in the user's photo album and videos can be used with the user's choice of the item that the user wants to install or move in the image, the addition of a moving frame for the design, The application is priced at $ 1.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

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