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In this issue, we have selected a variety of different mobile applications, including an application to automatically schedule messages to others via communication applications, another to integrate multiple screenshots into one image, and a range of health applications that help the user to use a healthy daily beneficial diet.
– Application to schedule messages
The Free Scheduled application on Android and iOS devices allows you to automatically schedule and send text messages on your behalf on time, especially if you communicate frequently with others. The application supports messaging across various applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Watsab, Telegram, Skype and text messaging. The application can be used to send messages of congratulations to various events so as not to forget, and supports many languages, including Arabic. The app can be downloaded from my Google Play and iTunes store.
– Merge screenshots
The free Tailor application on iOS devices will save a lot of time and effort associated with capturing several images of a series of chats or a large page for news sites, recipes and instructions and then collecting them in one image. The app can merge images captured by the user into one final file that can be shared with others or viewed later.
It is enough to run the application and then choose the order of the images inside it to be integrated automatically. The user must register common zones in the two successive images so that the application can recognize them to start the process of merging the parts correctly. The application can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.
– Healthy food applications
If you want to have a healthy diet, there are many health applications that will make this process easier, including the free Footstand on Android and iOS devices that will help you get rid of addiction to sweets. Drinks full of sugars and start eating healthy food. The application is characterized as allowing the user to interact with others who seek to achieve the same goal and chat with them for the necessary moral advice and support. The application offers a range of everyday challenges that you must complete to compete, such as eating sugar free for the whole day, not drinking soft drinks the next day, and so on.
The application of the free Thrive Market on Android and iOS devices is one of the most important applications that help the user to get rid of the wrong eating habits and replace them with other healthy ones. The application allows you to know where to sell organic and healthy foods that a user is looking for, whatever their type, whatever their brand, and their request and delivery to the home. The application also helps in searching for a specific set of healthy brand and access to healthy food to be consumed.
The free I-My Food Safe application on Android and iOS devices provides the ability to know if a particular food is safe and good for the user. As an example, if you are trying to find out if you can have dinner on another night or not after heating it, or if you are wondering if there is a certain type of food you are about to eat right and healthy for you, the application will help you. The application will also improve your cooking style and make it healthier, with time to prepare food properly, ideal for those who are still in the early stages of cooking and want to eat healthy foods.
The free PepperPlate application on Android and iOS devices will help you learn a lot of healthy cooking recipes, share your own recipes and communicate with them to learn about their healthy cooking methods. The application offers the ability to recognize many other cooking applications to allow you to prepare the same food in more than one way. You can also find a schedule of your food and meal recipes and start with a healthy all-day diet for one month.
You can use the free My Fitness Pal application on Android and iOS devices to enter the calories you need to eat a day and treat them as your food diary. The application can check the food values ​​of different foods by scanning the barcode through the camera to decide whether to eat or not according to your daily plan. These apps can be downloaded from my Google Play and iTunes store.


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