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New site to put images on ready templates easily

When submitting our product, it is important that the promotional materials have the same quality and professional appearance. Fortunately, it is not necessary today to use tools such as Photoshop to create natural size models for our application or web page, where free tools are available to allow us to obtain professional results from the browser. Recently Cleanmock has attracted everyone's attention and is a powerful tool for creating models of natural sizes in a few minutes.

As you can see in the picture described in this article, Cleanmock Editor has a simple and intuitive interface. To start using the tool, we only have to register and upload the images we want to use and put them in ready-made clones. We can choose from dozens of models in natural sizes grouped into categories such as "web" or "iPhone" or "Android" phones.
Once you choose a model that draws our attention, we can adjust aspects such as the background color or the use of gradients. Finally, we can only download the resulting design by clicking the "download" button. Although the basic platform has a payment plan, it is possible to use Cleanmock for free in some of them.
Without a doubt it is a very useful platform for all those who are looking for tools to create templates and install images on ready templates, so we encourage you to test their work through the following link: Cleanmock

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