Neuroscientists reveal the secret of the passage of time slowly when bored

Neuroscientists reveal the secret of the passage of time slowly when bored

Neuroscientists have finally come to the conclusion that time is passing very slowly when we are constantly bored. Scientists believe that a region of the brain called the lateral nasal cortex (LEC) is responsible for recording events in a timely fashion and generating miniature "time stamps" each time We do something.

LEC releases these signals to the neighboring hippocampus, where memories are stored, and if we do the same work over and over again, such as going to work daily, these timestamps become so similar that they become confused and difficult to separate, Time passes slowly.

In 2007, neuroscientist Albert Cao began studying LEC for the first time. Using test mice, Cao, who works at Stanford University, found that LEC neurons can record the passage of time.

Cao found that the electrical ripples from the neurons were more pronounced in mice looking for food. However, when rats ran into a continuous loop to find food, LEC did not separate one flight from the other. Dr. Cao believed that when the time stamps In the continuous path are very similar, it is difficult to separate the sequences from each other.

The study suggests that LEC measures time like "coding of continuous experimentation." LEC is located next to the internal cortex, which scientists believe is responsible for locating our memories. They also believe that the neurons in the hippocampus rely on inputs Of the cranial and venous cortex.

This time coding was not found in the inner medial cortex, or in hippocampus, researchers wrote in the journal Nature. However, other scientists question these findings.

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