Natural wood mask unifies the skin color and protects it in the summer

The Arabs today - a natural mask of wood unites the skin color and protects it in the summer

A large category of women suffer especially in the summer of pigmentation of the skin and the cost of harmful UV rays, and cosmetic experts confirm that this problem worsens whenever women abstain from adopting sunscreen or even neglect the treatment of pigmentation from year to year.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the best natural cream of sandalwood powder ideal to standardize the skin color and get rid of pigments in a short time.

Find out how to make it and apply it at home.

This powder is taken from sandalwood wood, which is characterized by its green color and fine smells, so it is used to make perfumes and the most important drugs that deal with kidneys, not to mention skin care creams that eliminate the heat and pigmentation to restore the natural color.

If you are experiencing this problem, you must adopt the following steps:

– Add a large spoon of sandalwood sifted, other small lemon juice, tomatoes and cucumber. Mix well until you get a semi-coherent paste.

Apply the paste to the skin of the face and leave it until dry completely, and then get rid of them by peeling Petro before washing the face with cold water.

It is recommended that you apply this mixture at least twice a week. It is very important to apply it regularly so that you can get rid of the pigments and the cost.

Other benefits of sandalwood powder

– Sandalwood does not only whiten the skin and uniformity of color, but also helps to get rid of excessive fatty secretions, especially in the summer.

– This powder also works to treat acne and pimples by mixing it with rose water and turmeric.

– It is also an effective treatment for the problem of widening the size of pores, it reduces the size and protect the skin from sagging and signs of premature aging by mixing it with one egg yolk and a spoon of honey.


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