NATO: Russian fighter maneuvers accompanying Defense Minister's plane "unsafe"

NATO: Russian fighter maneuver accompanying Defense Minister's plane is unsafe NATO: Russian fighter maneuvers accompanying Defense Minister's plane "unsafe"

One of the Russian fighter jets that escorted Russian Defense Minister Tu-214 over the Baltic Sea carried out an "insecure maneuver" when the alliance's flight attempted to visually identify the Russian plane, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said Wednesday.

"The Tu-214 had a specific flight path, the Su-27 fighter jets were flying without a flight path, and their transceivers were off, and they did not communicate with the alliance," NATO spokeswoman Oana Longescu told reporters. Air traffic control services.

The spokeswoman for the "NATO" that it was Send two planes from the air patrol mission Of NATO in order to "visual identification of the aircraft, in accordance with usual practice."

"The two (NATO) planes were watching (Russian) planes at a safe distance, when a Russian fighter maneuvered unsafe maneuvering the flight path of a NATO fighter."

The statement, distributed on Wednesday, states that The Russian plane "Tu-214" Accompanied by two Russian Su-27 fighter jets, they were tracked over the Baltic Sea near NATO airspace on 13 August.


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