Nasal nasal spray enhances memory in obese adolescents

Nasal nasal spray enhances memory in obese adolescents

NEW YORK [Reuters Health] – Nasal nasal spray may improve cognitive function in adolescents who are obese and obese, a new study suggests.

The hormone is usually used to regulate blood sugar and metabolism in people with diabetes, but scientists have found that inhaled insulin reaches the brain directly, boosting memory and improving communication between brain regions associated with cognitive performance.

The research team at Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut says the results are preliminary, but they point out that obesity does not only lead to poor memory, but insulin can do the opposite.

Previous studies have shown that insulin moves directly to the brain, where it can affect areas that play a role in memory and appetite.

In people with type 2 diabetes, the body becomes resistant to the insulin it normally produces, but when the brain becomes insulin-resistant, memory decreases, which may increase the risk of dementia.

Scientists have not yet been sure that dementia is linked to diabetes, but what is known is that diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, resulting in damage to blood vessels and inflammation.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, damaged blood vessels and infections can contribute to age-related brain diseases.

This has led researchers to study the potential relationship between insulin sensitivity in the brain and adolescent memory of obese people.

The team recruited adolescents with a high body mass index and gave a group of them amounts of insulin through the nose, while another group received a placebo.

The researchers found that the group that inhaled insulin was better in performing memory function than the placebo group.

Researchers plan to continue studying to see if body fat levels play a role in cognitive function.

Source: Daily Mail

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