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My exclusive way to get Spotify Premium accounts for free!

After Spotify International officially announced its services in 13 Arab countries, having been blocked to the Middle East and North Africa, which could only be accessed via VPN, Arab users can now enjoy the latest international music productions with high quality and unique experience Of course, but as everyone may know, there are two versions of this application, the free version, the paid version or the Spotify Premium, which costs $ 5 per month, today I will share with you my own way to get Spotify Premium account for free.

So without prolonging the speech, the method depends mainly on the use of one of the Western forums, which participate daily in many accounts paid for free, you only register in this forum and search for accounts that are published, and was enjoying Spotify Premium account with all its advantages.
The forum is called, you can open an account in it for free, just login to the interface of the site and then click on the creat account, then enter your information and click on the registration icon and do not forget to delete an account by clicking the activation link that will be sent to you to your email, After registering and activating the account we move on to the next step.

The next step is to log into your forum account and search on the Spotify keyword, in order to access discussions or topics related to Spotify paid accounts.

As you can see in the picture above, there are many issues that share Spotify Premium accounts for free, but to get an account you have to reply to that topic, just write a reply, for example, Thank you For sharing or anything like that.

After you reply to the topic and update the page, the Hidden Content feature will be canceled and you will be able to get a large number of Spotify Premium accounts for free. You can use them until you unsubscribe from the owner of that account you selected

As noted in the picture above , We have managed to get more than 100 Spotify Premium accounts. We can work with one of these accounts and keep the other accounts if the main account no longer works , This is my way of getting Spotify Premium for free , And avoid paying $ 5 each month , I hope you like the way and benefit from it , Accept my greetings.
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