Mubarak talks about the secrets and secrets of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the opportunity missed by Syria

mubarak talks about the secrets and secrets of the iraqi invasion of kuwait and the opportunity missed by syria

Kuwaiti news agency Fajr al-Said said that she had a private meeting with former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, noting that she had revealed to her secrets and secrets of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti media explained that Mubarak spoke with her about the consequences of the deal of the century and shared information about the October war and the restoration of Sinai, and the impact of the American and Russian role in the Middle East.

"President Hosni Mubarak said in his meeting with me: 'I said to Shimon Peres:' You want to enter the Arab League? '

The media reported that "President Hosni Mubarak said: I told Clinton clearly that there is no Arab leader who can give up Jerusalem, and trying to impose unfair solutions on the Middle East issue because of the imbalance of power will not make any peace or cooperation permanent and may explode at any time "He said.

"I encouraged Rabin to negotiate with the Syrians. The Syrians were cautious in informing us about the negotiations. Rabin told me, in agreement with Syria, that they would take their land, but the point of contention was that the Syrians refused to establish relations and open embassies. After the assassination of Rabin, The Syrians implemented the agreement, but after Netanyahu came, the opportunity was lost and ended. "

Source: RT

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