"Mother is shameful" .. Criticious criticism of Megan Markle!

"Mother is shameful" .. Criticious criticism of Megan Markle!

Social networking leaders criticized Duchess of Sussex for recent photos of her baby carrying Archie.

The Daily Mail reported that Megan Marckel had come under harsh criticism from Internet users for the bad way Archie had made her in the recently published photographs, which she shows are not in control of the situation.

The photos, in which Internet critics Megan Markle and her father, the Cambridge duo Catherine the Polo, were captured on July 10 with the participation of Prince Harry and William.

"She had to wear a hat and stockings, she did not know how to carry the baby," one commentator wrote.

"She obviously can not take care of her child, the mother of the one who carries her baby that way," he wrote in a third comment.

"I personally do not like this girl, but you can not criticize her just because she does not have her baby properly, it's a new experience," one of them wrote. We were carrying the children in a strange way. "

Another defended Prince Harry's wife by saying: "You may try to hide from pursuing cameras, the Duchess learns about motherhood."

Source: Daily Mail

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