"Moschino" opens in 2019 with a double show in Rome for autumn costumes

Today's "Moschino" opens in 2019 with a double show in Rome for autumn costumes

Dar Al-Moschino"The fall of 2019, which ended last month, has chosen to open the new year with a double show of women's pre-autumn 2019 and men's fashion collections for the fall of 2019.

The two groups consisted of 55 views focused on the element of exaggeration that came to add to the element of strangeness known to the designer of the house Jeremy Scott. The show was held in Rome, specifically in Cinecitta Studios, and the designer said he inspired the ideas of his two groups from the late Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, which he embodies to exaggerate and unleash a fictional world that he paints with his creativity.

Jeremy Scott chose characters from the Fellini films and revived them in his women's designs, embellished with embroidery, knots, feathers, kashaks and chariots. The designs of men were also subjected to the elements of strangeness and exaggeration in the implementation of coats, jackets decorated with embroidery and sequins, and the accessories made of satin and feathers and necklaces decorated by exhibitors.

The character of the theater was evident in the designs of this collection, huge and strange titans reappeared in more than a view of the colors and the distinction between the black of the dramatic character and the bright terraces, which mingled among themselves in a manner that mastered the secrets of Moschino House. We have seen the emergence of some details in the distinctive views, including:

• Corset warrior used in both women's and men's fashion.

• Wide silk belts that have added soft touches to the strict character of the gokh cloth in men's suits and women's "tiaras".

• Blending the fancy pieces decorated with feathers with other "casual" pieces such as woolen sweaters and pumper jackets.

• The adoption of huge sleeves that give dignity and dramatic size to the views.

• Decorating shoes and bags for women and men with metal parts. These accessories are expected to be popular among fashion enthusiasts.

• Embossing embroidery in letters and phrases that reflect the excellence that Moschino is looking for through its designs.

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